For some time now various therapists I have come to know have mentioned the term ‘Royalty Free Music’ in conversations that we’d had together. “Did I write or compose royalty free music ?”. At the time I received generous and complementary feedback about my two albums, Eclipse and Alchemy, and off the back of this I decided I would look into Royalty Rights Music further.  As a member myself, of PRS (Performing Rights Society) I am aware of their function, but also I became aware more so of how stifling  and controlling the whole environment around rights, copyrights  etc. appears to be.


As a writer and composer it was always my intention that my music would be written with the healing arts in mind. I have always held the view that not only does music speak louder than words, it also wields a great healing potential. I am conscious that there is a great deal of music similar to my genre. However what there is far less of, to my mind, is music composed from the heart, steeped in feeling; in true colour rather than grey.  Music to support therapy work should be soothing, nurturing and comforting. It should be inviting, with hints of emotional tones or feelings but above all deeply relaxing and calming. I am a passionate believer in music harnessing the potential to heal and calm us and enable our body and mind to recuperate.


I set myself a challenge - to write and compose beautiful royalty free musical works and compositions; to create a non invasive ambient backdrop to allow your patient or client at feel totally at ease and promote within them a sense of deep relaxation and trust assisted through my gentle music that will never take centre stage - therapeutic music free from background sounds or effects, clear of any volume fluctuations and changes. No real tempo or mood; just very calm balanced soothing work that permits effortless relaxation. But there was a bigger plan.. Read on.


 I decided, through the encouragement of a few close therapists to set about working on a plan. A plan to create a catalogue of royalty free music. A  music collection containing royalty free rights benefits for the therapist, for life, but at a fraction of the cost a lot of other businesses are charging. So I named that plan - The Hemispheres Plan.  The benefits of the Hemispheres Plan to the therapist are many, but to name a few - A new album; every month. Each track/album is an hour long, but is available also as shorter 15/30 min durations as well, three RF licensing options, Bronze, Silver and Gold - each offering enhanced levels of licence coverage.  No need to play that same old piece of music you've been playing for years.


Albums are downloaded from your respective members area on this website, and each download is accompanied by your royalty free licence covering the use of that album in your work and derivatives.  For about the cost of a CD each month, you can build and create your own beautiful catalogue of fully royalty free music over a year for use in all your client  sessions, client recordings, digital, video and media projects and in your own hypnosis and guided meditation recordings and so much more..


I am the writer, composer, performer and author of all my works, there exists an indelible link between you and I, and the patients from this day forward. The prospect of working with and alongside you and for your motivates me and drives me on to create and compose ever more beautiful music.  Find out more about my royalty free Hemispheres plan here :-  Connect with me too on my Facebook Page here.   If you like what I’ve done and it resonates, tell your friends.  There is so much more yet to come..