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All about Autumn Cry, and why you'll love it..

Autumn Cry from the album Eclipse by Rob Hulford. Relaxing Music, Piano Music, Meditation Music, Spa & Sleep Music, Healing Music. Track 1 from the Album Eclipse -

Autumn Cry is perfect for relaxation and is a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies, accompanied by stringed and woodwind instruments together with distant vocal harmonies supplemented by ambient guitar on occasions. Autumn Cry has expansive ambience with euphoric overtones at times, coupled with tranquil interludes and passages at others. Be prepared to truly let go and allow my music to emotionally nourish your mind, body and spirit. Submerge yourself in the extraordinary peacefulness and purity whilst allowing yourself to dwell in a serene and contented state of mind. This track is perfect for relaxation, healing, well-being, stress relief, helping ease insomnia, helping relax an active and overactive mind. Ideal also when used as background music to help you and your clients relax in your sanctuary, spa or healing room.

My music has the power to instil a sense of relaxation, on a very deep level indeed, almost to the point where then mind is able to slip into an altered state allowing the body to heal and repair itself on the deepest level.

Music can and does alter moods, sometimes profoundly so. It can often provide comfort and allow for the release of emotion that can leave you feeling much more at ease. It is a common belief that the power of music is able to move us emotionally, even psychologically so. Over time I have come to discover music to be a great healer of the mind, body and soul; able to unruffle perturbations that disrupt our equilibrium and vibrational energy. It's ability to refresh and invigorate us is very much apparent. You will discover here that many of my mediation and relaxation videos encourage subtly encourage you to synchronise yourself with the biorhythmic patterns present within your body, and stimulate them at a very deep core level. My Music will take you on a therapeutic journey deep within yourself – releasing stress, soothing your nervous system, balancing your emotions and acting as a healing balm for the mind.

I very much hope you enjoy my music and your time to seek and find a deep sense of relaxation and calm.