R O Y A L T Y   F R E E  M E D I T A T I O N  M U S I C

Welcome to my royalty free meditaion music page. Here you willl find a range of beautiful soothing, calm and relaxing royalty free meditation music compositions written by me. I have written and composed these pieces with those who work in the holistic and the healing arts in mind. All of my compositions consist of a nurturing arrangement of beautiful atmospheric harmonies and melodies each one a deeply calming, soothing work lasting approximately one hour in duration. My royalty free meditation music sets the ultimate atmospheric backdrop, perfect for hypnosis and meditation recordings, real time hypnotherapy treatments, meditation and stress management classes, day spas, physical therapies, holistic healing and any kind of audio, video or software production that requires truly relaxing music. Please preview my albums below. My royalty free meditation music collection is growing at a pace so be sure to check back here regulalry to find that perfect track to  support your holistic work. 


Serenity makes a wonderful backdrop to hypnosis, relaxation therapies and to audio productions that require gentle music that won’t take centre stage. Beautiful layered strings, with minimal distant piano and no background sounds of effects, clear of any volume fluctuations and changes. Serenity has no tempo or mood; just a very calm balanced soothing musical work that permits effortless relaxation and oneness.

Royalty Free Price  £ 49

A word about your work and copyright law.

Some people mistakenly believe that they can download music from this website and use it to create their own guided meditation recordings. This is not permitted. 


If you intend to create a recording which you will make available to others, either for free or for profit, then you must purchase the music with a royalty free license from www.robhulford.com

This principle applies to just about all music resources. You cannot create a recording using music from iTunes, Amazon or your favourite CD. Even if you found some free music somewhere, do not assume that this means you can use or re-distribute that music. 

The use of music without a proper license is a very serious offence. So if you have created any kind of recording that uses background music, then make sure that you either:

a. Purchased it from a royalty free music library, or 
b. Have written permission to use the music from the copyright owner or publisher.

To purchase a royalty free licence costs more than to purchase the album for personal listening and playback, however your license will allow you to use my music to create an unlimited number of media productions which you may then sell.