ˈælkəmi'  Alchemy was conceived through a desire to create a soundtrack devoted to the magical beauty of nature and of Mother Earth. My creativity sought to procure musical ideas;  pushing orthodox melodic and harmonic boundaries to compose an album that you can immerse yourself in; where you permit my music to flow and surround your senses, soothing, nurturing and healing you on so many levels.


Alchemy is an extended double CD, with a running time of two and a half hours. The double album consists of twelve beautiful melodic instrumental arrangements; each one a harmonic healer in its own right. 


Alchemy is the ability to create a magical musical essence for humanity, shared for the senses and the human

soul to help restore well-being. I truly believe you will discover many precious moments within my musical work which is my second album, Alchemy. -  A love story for your ears.