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If you are new to Rob Hulford and his genre of beautiful therapeutic and holistic well being music, then I wish a very warm welcome. What better way to learn about my music than to listen to it first hand. On this page I offer four tracks for you to download for you own personal enjoyment and use.

A little bit about my compositions...

My compositions consist of beautiful layered strings and synths, distant piano and occasions soothing distant choirs accompanied by deeply relaxing and gentle sounds from nature - like surf on a shingle beach, rippling brooks and streams, and early morning woodland sounds - give you a good feel for my music, and the genre of

what I write and compose.

My soothing musical work permits effortless relaxation, mindfulness and and at

oneness - not only within, but with the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Music in general can and does alter moods, sometimes profoundly so. It can often provide comfort and allow for the release of emotion that can leave you feeling much more at ease. It is a commonly understood music can move us emotionally, even psychologically so. Over

time, I have come to discover music to be a great healer of the mind, body and soul; able to unruffle and soothe perturbations that disrupt our equilibrium and vibrational energy. It's ability to refresh and invigorate us is very much apparent. My Music will take you on a therapeutic journey deep within yourself – releasing stress, soothing your nervous system, balancing your emotions and acting as a healing balm for the mind.

A little bit about me...

I have long worked towards composing music with the holistic and healing arts in mind, as and atmospheric backdrop to facilitate healing, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, reiki, and so many more disciplines with not only the patient in mind but the practitioner too. So on the one hand the patient is able to enter a calm and deeply relaxed state of being, and the practitioner is able to work to their best endeavour trusting in the music to facilitate a reassuring, calm, soothing and beatific back drop.  With the added benefit that the practitioner and patient can listen and enjoy my music in their own time outside of therapeutic sessions, healing and coaching.

I have written and composed two extended double albums, both running over 2 and half hours in duration. Both have proven to be very popular indeed. Please do feel free to preview my albums below, and also feel free to browse feedback received from clients who have purchased my music - 

ALCHEMY                                                               ECLIPSE

Display CD2.jpg

V I S I T   S T O R E

V I S I T   S T O R E

So here are your downloads. ☺️ 🎧  I hope you enjoy them. I always advocate listening with headphones to truly experience the depth and richness of the tracks.

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