T H E    P L A N


Thank you for your interest in my Royalty Free Music Plans. Please follow the instructions below to enable you to download your music files, and licence effortlessly.  First over, visit my Paid Plans page to select the plan of your choice, HERE

Select the plan by clicking on the "Select" button of your chosen plan. (Bronze/Silver/Gold). After choosing your plan according to your requirements, you will be redirected to the following page to sign up and enrol in your membership plan. This will require a user email and a password. Hit the black sign up button. You will need to remember this email user name and log in to access and download your music and licences later.

After enrolling and clicking the sign up button, you will be taken to a check out window where you will need to enter your email address after which you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your paid plan transaction.

Following the successful PayPal Paidplan checkout, you will need to head over to the Members Area to access your download MP3 file and licence. Select the circular purple Menu button, and MEMBERS from the drop down.  You can enter the Members area Here

After selecting the highlighted MEMBERS tab on the menu bar, as above. You will be required to log in as a member. Your Log in is the same log in / password as you used, to sign up.

Log in and you will access the MEMBERS area where Bronze, Silver and Gold members can access and download the current month's album and corresponding Royalty Free Music licence. Choose your purchased tier. *note - Selecting any other tier will log you out of the membership area and return you to the main page. 

By selecting your correct tier you will be able to access and download your royalty free track as below.  PLEASE NOTE, that whilst you can download the royalty free album to your iOS mobile phone* you will be unable to download your royalty free licence document. You can of course download all files to any PC or Mac, and you can also download all files to an iOS iPad. * this is due to the download being a zipped file and limitations with iOS mobile phone devices.

When you enter your member area, you will have access to your downloads. Here you can download tracks of varying time durations. 15/30/60 minutes.By clicking the Download Album     you will be invited to download your album, see below. * Licence not available to download on iOS/smart phones.

By entering your email and clicking the 'Continue' button, your download link will be emailed to the email address entered. 

* Only the MP3 track is available, your licence can only be downloaded on a mac or computer/laptop.

You will receive confirmation that a download link has been e-mailed to you, as above. If you do not download the album within 72 hours, you can send the email request again.

Open your e-mail entitled 'Music Delivery'. Select the 'Download in MP3 button.'  The file will download to your mobile as a Zip file which can then be unziped/opened to your preferred location, Files/Downloads/Dropbox/One Drive, or it can be forwarded by e-mail dependant on the file size protocol of your email account.