R O B   H U L F O R D


E C L I P S E 

E C L I P S E   T H E   D O U B L E    C D    F R O M   R O B   H U L F O R D

Eclipse, New album by Rob Hulford

A   W o r d   f r o m   R o b's  f a n s ..

Helen T - Nottingham UK.

" Amazingly talented, so many different sounds to Rob's music that I think anyone could find peace with. A total blessing to have discovered Rob's music after searching for the right music to help me meditate. "

Linda G - Gloucester UK

" Ah Rob, your music has me spellbound and I marvel at how one man can produce such magical enchantment. Thank you, its all so very beautiful. "

Christine JK - Bridgend UK.

"Have just listened to eclipse and was blown away , it’s truly breathtaking the best meditation music I have listened to , can’t wait for the album and share it with my development group , Thank you Rob "

Clare G - East Sussex UK

" I have really enjoyed the tracks I have listened to so far. I have found them ideal for use in my clinic and for my own meditation practice. I have recommended them to several clients who have difficulty with falling asleep. I look forward to listening to them all. Thank you for your beautiful music Rob. "

Sarah C - Dorking UK.

" I'm so glad to have discovered Robs music.
It's enchanting and peaceful it fills my heart and moves me to a magical place "

Now it's your turn....

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