How do I access my download albums ?  

Following your sign up to become a member, and setting up of your paid plan, you will be able to log into the Members

Area using the MEMBERS tab in the menu bar. Here you will select your plan and download your album.

What is included with your monthly subscription ?  

Join a monthly membership plan where you can download a new album each month with royalty free rights for use in

your chosen healing art or practice, for little more than the price of a CD. Each album features an hour long track beautifully written and composed for the healing arts, therapists light-workers in mind.

How does it the Hemispheres plan work ?

When you sign up to become a member and select your chosen monthly plan, you will be able to download a new album every month from your members area page. Each download is accompanied by its own royalty free licence dependant upon the plan chosen. There are three monthly subscription plans available each offering a different level of royalty free benefits to the subscriber. Yearly plans are also available offering a significant discount, in addition to free albums*.  (*Silver & Gold Membership only )

How much does it cost ?

As a member you benefit from low prices and enjoy one new album each month. That's 12 Meditation Albums in12 months. Alternatively you can sign up to the annual plan and save on two months subscription. Subscriptions are payable via monthly plan. Each plan includes Therapy royalty free licensing and digital media licensing as well all at a very competitive price.

When do I receive my licence ?

Licences are issued instantly with your download. Please keep your licence safe. The licences are non transferable and are only valid when used in accordance with the licence terms and conditions contained within the licence document.

Do the royalty free rights and options repeat with each album / each month. ?

Yes, for example you can create 1 x your own project per month under the bronze plan and ten monetised youtube videos in one month, and this licence repeats the following month. So over two months you can monetise twenty youtube videos from two albums for example. 

Can I download my royalty free albums to my smart device ?

Yes, you can, however I recommend you download your album(s) to a computer/mac.

The Hemispheres Plan  -   Copyright  Rob Hulford Music 2020