The Double Album

A U T U M N   C R Y

The cry of autumn, and how it is justly representative of the end of a life cycle. As the leaves glow red and gold, we are reminded of the changes in our own lives at this time.  Often the life that once was; that has been, the end of something symbolically beautiful and warm, with the promise that a rebirth and renewal, which is often yet to reveal itself, will surely follow. 


The fragility of the beauty of life as we know it and how we should treasure it, always. Beethoven is about a beautiful, yet fragile butterfly set free from his restrictive chrysalis to soar upon the skies, he finds love high up on the winds only to be wounded in flight through the smallest glance of a protruding branch. He slowly pirouettes back to earth no longer able to fly, yet thankful for the opportunity to have flown -  albeit so briefly.


True freedom and abandonment from all that which has previously tethered us; kept us connected to a shapeless world. Break free of your constraining life and float freely - allow the self to take on any shape of thought it wishes. The Architect of uniformity, sidestepped. The self, no longer a hostage to the forces who seek to superintend it.

L I G H T   O F   A   L I F E T I M E

Light of a lifetime; not a season, nor a reason. The moment when true unconditionally beauty touches your soul. It can surely happen but once in a lifetime. It is not something that can be easily explained for it has to be witnessed. It can be said that love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant.

A D V E N T U R E   I N   P A R A D I S E

An idyllic isle lies far beyond the setting sun. Where you can touch the sea, the wind and the sun, all with palm of one hand. It casts it spell upon you from your very first step. A wondrous place of enchantment, charm and beauty. - An adventure to Paradise from where you shall never visit but just once.

M I S T S  O F  T I M E

The almost imperceivable, shifting from one chapter to another. A transformation from life's old episode, to the new, to one of refinement and beauty. With the overlapping mists phasing between the two, the past, the present and the future all entwined, co-existing as one, yet now disentangled.

P I C T U R E  W I T H O U T   W O R D S

A song without a lyric, A fire devoid of flame, A magician short of tricks, A ballerina now turned lame, yet a picture transcends a thousand words - in a moment. Listen, watch, witness the emotion; a Picture without Words

Photography by kind permission of Žilvinas Valeika

T H E  M I R R O R  O F  D R E A M S

The Mirror of dreams - where nothing is as it seems. Not all that is perceived about us is at it may appear. What you see is but a shadow of what you wish it to be; the illusion, not the truth. Reach back from the dark side of the mirror, and witness the dream you dream of, standing right before you. 

L O S T   I N   I N F I N I T Y

The abundance of possibility; anywhere and everywhere. The timeless paradox

 of fractal contemplation. To believe in a journey to a destination, and to know of its approximation, but without the knowledge of how you shall navigate the jouney. Allowing the universe to martial and guide your pogress towards the destination.

E V E N I N G  P R O M I S E

There lies, on the horizon, the truth of the sunset; a new dawn; a new day. Evening Promise conveys a message  of hope, of new beginnings, erudition and courage from lessons learnt. Wisdom and insight gained from a truth that is your new life.

3 A M

3 am tells of the wretchedness of an inability to ever sleep.  Perpetual nights that the brain is captive to the conscious mind. A recurring apneaic nightmarish suffocation, the body is unable to ever heal or repair. 3am takes you on a journey through the long dark hours when the rest of the world sleeps. A slave to the unwanted, eternal nightshift. The final chord denotes the promise of the long shifts' end to come.

G U I D I N G  L I G H T

The power of benevolence, effortless enlightenment and counsel. Shared selflessly and delivered through altruistic love. The bringing of great strength and hope to a future hitherto beset with challenges that appeared insurmountable.


Astrellas brings the extension of  consciousness into a world beyond the realms of our sensory perception. Reach into the plane unseen; the continuum paradigm of adjacent co-existence. Freefall into the arms of creation itself -worry not for the metaphysics. When true physics are revealed there will be no metaphysics.


Eulogy, my dedication to Richard Wright and David Gilmour in gratitude for the many years of listening pleasure and enjoyment, that together has inspired me to write, create and produce this album. Eulogy contains musical nuances and references to both of their unique styles of writing.