A B O U T   M E


I write and compose beautiful ambient, chill out instrument music. well-being music. I believe passionately in promoting mindfulness, and wellbeing through the power of music.  Both of my albums - Eclipse and Alchemy, are instrumental, ambient and down tempo, soothing and calming musical works.  My musical compositions are just perfect for deep relaxation, meditation, practicing mindfulness, yoga and healing practice or perhaps just to chill out and relax at the end of a busy day. My music acts as healing balm for the mind, helping greatly to ease away and soothe away worry, anxiety and stress.


I believe in its ability of music to transform so many aspects of our lives for the better. It can speak louder than words and provoke and move all man's emotions. Music can also without doubt, promote healing, not only of the mind, but the physical body too. My albums and tracks on them provide a wonderful therapeutic backdrop for the healing arts, and it is my honour to work for and alongside so many lightworkers.  


I am passionate about promoting wellbeing, and as such I wish to offer you a selection of tracks taken from both my albums, Alchemy & Eclipse. You can download them now, for free, from my website to your mobile device or computer. www.robhulford.com/mindhealthMusic 


And my small part as composer and writer allows me an incredible opportunity to help  humanity for the better through my work. And in doing so, my life purpose is manifested.