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An incredible visionary in his time..

I have always have had such great admiration for this beautiful soul who devoted his life to helping us understand ourselves, our world, our lives and the wider universe somewhat more than we had hitherto. Rest well my friend you mind is truly free now to explore the universe you taught us of.

The Architect of conformity, sidestepped, as though it were a wisp of cloud

Stratus - Representative of true freedom and abandonment from all that has previously tethered us; kept us connected to a shapeless world. Break free of your constraining life - float freely. The Architect of conformity, sidestepped. The self, no longer a hostage to the energetic forces who seek to superintend it.

Eulogy, to two amazing old men..

A lifetime of dedication and devotion awaits me now. Eulogy, my dedication to two deeply inspiring musicians - Richard Wright and David Gilmour. This track written in gratitude and inspired by their connected style or writing and composing. Eulogy contains musical nuances and references to them both.

Dream Frontier. Do you have any ?

The dream now manifestly a reality. Beautiful music, a harmonic healer, a melodic mind massage destined to immerse man’s trilogy into an altered state of pure recuperation, healing and deep relaxation. The frontier of the gates of dawn is upon us now.