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My first album has been in the making for a lifetime. Eclipse was released to the world on 07/11/17 and the story of its inception, inspiration, work, and ultimate release could fill a book or two. I have known for a great many years that I had it within me to write, it just required perseverance, a dedication and  application to get on with it and do it.

I have always been inspired by the beauty of our world in which we live; awe-inspired by nature’s wonders and natural creation, be it the tempest of a great summer storm, the wild winter ocean seas, right down to the smallest creations, perhaps a butterfly fluttering in front of me. My sensory perception of the world about me begged for a musical representation; an album that I could write where I can share my experiences in this lifetime.

My musical creations and work on this album, Eclipse, in particular, emulate very much an ambient theme. Most tracks consist of a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies, accompanied by stringed and woodwind instruments together with distant vocal harmonies supplemented by ambient guitar on occasions. Eclipse is a powerful compilation of magical soundscapes and expansive ambience with euphoric overtones at times,  coupled with tranquil  interludes and passages at others. Be prepared to truly let go and allow my music to emotionally nourish your mind, body and spirit. Submerge yourself in the extraordinary peacefulness and purity whilst allowing yourself to dwell in a serene and contented state of mind. 

Some genres of music have the power to instil a deep sense of relaxation, on a very deep level indeed, almost to the point where then mind is able to slip into an altered state allowing the body to heal and repair itself on the deepest level. These musical compositions also have the ability to clear, calm and soothe an over active mind, whilst captivating its awareness. 


Music can and does alter moods, sometimes profoundly so. It can often provide comfort and allow for the release of emotion that can leave you feeling much more at ease. It is a common belief that the power of music is able to move us emotionally, even psychologically so. Furthermore over time I have discovered music to be a great healer of the mind, body and soul, able to unruffle perturbations that disrupt our equilibrium and vibrational energy. It's ability to refresh and invigorate us is self apparent. Music also has an ability to synchronise with your biorhythmic patterns within your body, and stimulate them at a very deep core level. Enveloping music can take you on a journey deep within yourself – releasing stress, soothing your nervous system, balancing your emotions and acting as a healing balm for the mind.  Yet still the possibilities appear to be endless.


An eminent Dutch Physician and Doctor, has for a number of years employed the use of music to accompany surgical operations and procedures in the theatre. He has conducted considerable research into the apparent beneficial healing properties around playing calm and soothing music during the surgical procedures. He has recorded healing  experiences  of patients recovering from their operations who have witnessed an enhanced rate of healing along with significant pain reduction. The Doctor believes he has been able to demonstrate  the beneficial effects of music to enhance the healing process of patients recovering from invasive surgery and procedures, when comparing like for like with other patients having recently undergone similar surgical procedures and operations where no music accompanied the surgery and post-op recovery. 

Meditation is often conducted to a back drop of deeply calm and soothing music as it has an ability to persuade you to let go of concentrated thinking, whilst washing away all of your thoughts leading you to a state of mind that feels incredibly spacious, still and serene.  There are a number of soothing tranquil compositions on my album that carry the intention to open your mind to a world of inner exploration, deep insight and superlative peace, setting the perfect environment to promote augmented meditation.

I believe my music, particularly my album Eclipse, can facilitate an effortless journey towards deep relaxation. Some of the tracks are very powerful yet very gentle. Other tracks carry ethereal soundscapes complemented by authentic sounds form nature; sea waves lapping the shoreline, ocean surf gently rippling in towards the beach, enchanting forest birdsong, midnight rainfall - all seeking to relax you to your very core. All fourteen tracks seek to create an experience of effortless relaxation enabling you to settle into a serene and content state of mind. You can listen to Eclipse any time you feel the need to relax, open your heart and clear your mind.

Music undoubtably retains an ability to act as a powerful conduit as a Sleep aid; a subject very close to my heart. Some tracks from Eclipse could be considered as genuine "eyes closed" music and despite being emotionally powerful, they are very gentle. Sublime music evolves slowly and gently allowing weary minds drift off into sleep. The soft, warm, rhythmic tones of the track 'Lost in Infinity, is incredibly hypnotic, very soothing and acts as a pillow for the mind. So restful and calming, it has the latent ability to heal insomnia and sleeplessness. Astrellas is a time-signature free composition, lingering dreamlike soundscapes, expansive, spacious atmospheric phrases persuade you to float, suspended in a blissful state of inner peaceful relaxation. Similarly Stratus is and extraordinarily serene musical composition that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and at peace within, readying you for a journey into recuperative sleep. 3am on the other hand, albeit constructed of an exquisite tonal array, shares with you a musical perspective of how a mind, devoid of sleep drifts, rudderless, amidst the lonely long hours of night. The conscious mind unable to let go to allow its sentient counterpart, the subconscious, to manage the night shift. The final notes of 3am offer a hint of an ultimately healed future outcome to end the nightmarish perpetuity of sleeplessness.

Eclipse is a musical creation of great emotional depth that will accompany you upon a musical journey that you'll return to over and over whenever you seek to clear, balance, and heal your mind whilst re-connecting with your spiritual self. You will easily find that sacred place of stillness and peace that surely resides within you. Soothe and eases your stress levels, whilst experiencing effortless relaxation. I very much hope my music can allow you to settle into a serene and content state of mind, relaxed and at peace.


It would be remiss of me if I were not to conclude by sharing with you two inspirational musicians who have inspired me for years, whose music has stirred and moved me. I offer, the final track, Eulogy as an emotional thank you to Richard Wright, and of course David Gilmour who to this day continues to write and produce powerfully moving music, popular the world over.


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